Lost and Found

Elfy goodness with a touch of adventure...

by Amanda Reeves


A gentle melody crept into the void, dissolving it nothing around it, Ty'lani's voice easily recognizable. D'nah pushed herself away from Keu'deh, floating effortlessly into the void as her image scattered and faded.

"Showoff." Her grin remained clearly visible as she faded away and Keu'deh's surroundings slowly came into focus. A fairly nondescript room, with minimal furnishings and no windows, he could only assume it was a cheap inn room of some sort. He groaned as feeling returned, not the searing pain that escorted him into the blank, but enough to make him wish he hadn't woken up just yet. He became aware of Yido passed out next to him, he must have worn himself out healing Keu'deh's wounds and been lulled to sleep by Ty'lani's soft humming. Her song trailed off when she noticed his eyes open and she moved towards his bed timidly.

"keu'deh?" He fixed his gaze on the ceiling as she inched closer, trying to decide what to say to her.

"......Go home, Ty'lani." He pushed himself upright very carefully, trying not to wake Yido, making room for Ty'lani to sit at the foot of the bed. She sat gingerly, unwilling to disturb Yido's rest, clutching a small box in her lap and waiting silently for Keu'deh to speak again. He sighed softly, obliging her with no small amount of sarcasm in his voice.

"And the next time D'nah wants to see me, can you please get the temple to just send her? Nearly dying is getting old."

"I'm sorry..." Her ears drooped. "She'd said you belonged to the high elves... The temple-"

"Was wrong. I belong to them, but they don't own me." He didn't feel like explaining the situation to her kindly, and the sarcasm in his tone got thicker by the word. "Crazy how love works, huh?"